Geographical Alahwaz

Ahwaz province also called Arabistan and Ahwaz and Khuzestan, a region with an Arab majority in Iran.

Spaces in terms of geography, as Arabic references and organizations Ahwaz, is the region in the south-east of Iraq and the south-west of Iran

, located at latitude (57/29) to (00/33) degrees north and longitude (48/51) east. and south of them in arabian Gulf and a mountain range Zgaros 

stretching from Lake Urmia in the north to the port of Bandar Abbas in the south to reduce natural geographic separation between them and the Iranian plateau,

or what is known as Persia, where he played this separation geographical important role in the variation of languages, cultures and civilizations, 

nations and peoples who lived east of the and West have remained these nations live this disparity between them according to different environment, 

geographical characterized by mountains and highlands in the Persian Aryans, plains and deserts of the Arabs Semites, there’s no doubt that the different

geographical environment play an influential role in the nature of its population from all social aspects and this is what we find is clear to us spaces 

on the land where the different civilization, culture, customs and traditions between the Ahwazi Arabs and Iranian Persians coming from behind the mountains

to the land of Al-Ahwaz region that has historically been the state High Beilam founded the first civilization on the land of Al-Ahwaz


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