Tehran fight with their region «thirst«. . . Arab deputies in the Iranian parliament threatened mass resignation

Threatened the Arab MPs in the Iranian parliament to submit their resignations if Ahmadinejad’s government implemented a project to transfer fresh water from the Karun River Balahawwaz to other Iranian cities and deprived region (the brother, who he calls the horse to “Khuzestan”), the Arab of fresh water.

The MP said Hosseini Sharif head of the Arab parliamentarians in the Iranian parliament that the implementation of this project will lead to the destruction of urban and industrial projects and lead to drought and desertification of the region

He added: We will resign from parliament if the government implemented the project, which will cause significant losses in the province (the brother, which he calls the horse to “Khuzestan”), the Arab, who is suffering a shortage of drinking water because of Tehran’s transport fresh water from the region to other places

For his part, Iranian President Ahmadinejad opponents of his government from the fundamentalists and reformers stealing house money, said during his visit to the province of West Azerbaijan (North West Iran): some have attacked the government because of preventing them from manipulating Bait money and in return, says opponents of President Ahmadinejad »fundamentalists and reformers «Those close to Ahmadinejad managed during his reign (7 years) from stealing a lot of money and building construction major illegally, such as hotels and others; accuse fundamentalists in parliament, Ahmadinejad coverage to corrupt his close associates such as the First Vice President (Mohammad Rahimi) and his advisers« Rahim Mashaie Hamid and staying «.


31 – 08-2011


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