Sweden DENIES asylum, orders deportation of Iranian Christians facing persecution or death back to Iran

Sweden is continually denying asylum to desperate Iranian-Christians who are trying to avoid imprisonment or death in Iran.

Once these Christians are ordered to be deported to Iran, they have to go into hiding where they have no legal way of getting medical attention or other legal services needed to survive.

I’m sure they rely on the charity of their brothers and sisters in Christ to get by, but it’s no way to live.

But what makes this even worse is that, according to CBN News, there seems to be an anti-Christian bias among Sweden’s immigration officials, such that when an Iranian Christian asks for asylum and tries to prove they are Christian, the immigration officials don’t believe them. They believe that no one converts to Christianity out of true belief:

Homeira, another Iranian Christian facing deportation, told CBN News she no longer officially exists in Sweden.

“My asylum request was denied and I was ordered to leave the country. I don’t have any identity. I can’t even use medical services. I can’t work,” she said.

She’s now in hiding. She said when she tried to testify about her Christian faith to immigration officials, they thought she was lying.

“Officials do not seem to understand why a Muslim would become a Christian. They asked me, ‘Why didn’t you become a Jew?’” Homeira said.

“There’s a lot of bias regarding Christian converts because the standard argument is, ‘Well, nobody converts to Christianity out of true belief. Why would anyone do anything of the sort?’” Donner said.



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