15 Ahwazi Arabs Arrested In Clamp-Down


Tuesday, October 08, 2013
The Iranian security forces arrested 15 young Ahwazi Arab activists on October 1st 2013 in the city of Ahwaz in Southwest of Iran.According to Kurdistan Press Agency and other sources from inside Ahwaz, the men were arrested for organizing poetry and cultural gathering in their native Arabic language. It is unclear were these fifteen men have been transferred to.

The names of these men have been reported to Democratic Solidarity Party of AlAhwaz, and they are:
1. Muhammad Ali Alelah.
2. Mahbas Bureihi
3. Ahmed Delfieh
4. Habib Mazra’a
5.Sajjad Cha’abawi
6.Ahmad Karaji
7.Hasan Bawi
8.Hosein Bawi
9.Saeed Karaji
10. Hamed Rahmati
11.Mohammad Fazeli
12. Reza Arashk
13.Karim Bereihi
14.Jamal Jerbawi
15.Mahmod Atabi
The source added that the detainees had previously initiated the establishment of poetry seminars in different occasions to promote and preserve their native Arabic language and literature.

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