Iran steps up anti-Arab execution campaign

The AlAhwazi organization for human rights was informed that the Iranian government has carried out the execution of an AlAhwazi citizen named Jomea Alwani at Karoon prison of AlAhwaz.

He was arrested about six months ago and has been sentenced for an execution on Sunday October 2013.

The executed was 58 years old, married with children and grandchildren and was living in the village of Sous district of AlAhwaz and recently about a year ago had moved to the city of AlAhwaz.

The AlAhwazi organization for human rights has not confirmed the charges of conviction by the Iranian government against Jomea Alwani .

The AlAhwazi organization for human rights condemns the death penalty offense by the government of Iran, and requests the international humanitarian organizations (governmental and non-governmental) and most importantly the UN Human Rights organization to pressure the Iranian government to end the implementation of the death penalty sentences against the prisoners.


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